Posted on by Lynn Tran

Workout clothes- they can make or break your workout. Because of the unique stresses of heat, sweat

and movement sports and activewear needs to accommodate a unique set of demands. Feel like your

workout clothes are letting you down? You’re not alone- here are some of the biggest problems women

have with workout clothes…

1. Clothing Not Fitting Properly

It seems like many manufacturers just don’t understand that not everyone is built straight up and down

like a ruler. Many fit women have a smaller waist and a larger backside than what most manufacturers

are used to catering to. Leggings are often too tight around the hips and thighs and too loose, with a gap

around the waist and back. Developing muscles across the back or biceps can make it difficult to find

clothes that can accommodate your new and curvy shape. A fit body is a beautiful body and your

workout clothes ought to flatter your appearance.

2. Losing Curves with Weight Loss

Following weight loss the vast majority of women will lose some curves. After all the effort it takes to

lose weight the last thing you want as a woman wants is to feel unconfident in your new appearance. As

you adjust to your new body your workout clothes should help, not hurt your efforts. Boss Bunny offers

gel padded sports bras that’ll help you cultivate a curvy and sexy appearance.

3. Thick Fabric Without Wicking Capability

Exercise- it’s hot, it can be a bit uncomfortable, and it’s sweaty. However, a lot of sportswear, instead of

making your workout more pleasant, exacerbate the issue and make it even worse. Thick fabrics that

trap sweat and prevent cool air from coming in have no place in any woman’s workout wardrobe. Boss

Bunny uses lightweight, smooth fabric that can wick sweat away from your body.

4. Camel Toe/ Visible Underwear

For a lot of women, it takes a lot of courage to simply get in the gym. Many women already feel

uncomfortable working out in front of others and worrying about a wardrobe malfunction just makes it

even worse. A lot of leggings cause camel toe or allow underwear to be seen when bending over or

lunging. Boss Bunny’s leggings are anti-camel toe and prevent underwear from showing through.

5. Compression Leggings that Make Curves Smaller

For a lot of women, in addition to the benefits of strength and exercise, coming to the gym is also about

cultivating a new shape. Many leggings, instead of enhancing your figure compress in all the wrong

places often leading to muffin tops. Boss Bunny leggings compress at the waist while lifting your butt

with booty scrunch design. Boss Bunny leggings are high waisted making them more secure,

comfortable and giving you a smaller waist.

6. Too Expensive

With gym memberships, supplements, a healthier diet, any exercise equipment or workout gear and

more getting fit can be expensive. The last thing any woman wants is to have to spend an exorbitant

amount of money on workout clothes. At the same time, no woman wants to settle for lower-quality

workout clothes that don’t meet their needs. Boss Bunny creates workout clothes that is both highquality

and affordable; why settle when you can have it all?

7. No Pockets

Many workout leggings have only very small, practically worthless pockets or even none at all. This

leads to women having to stuff their phones or other necessities into sports bras or waistbands where

they are not secured properly and could fall out.

8. Clothes Riding Up

A lot of workout clothes doesn’t compress enough or just doesn’t fit your shape. Clothes shift around

and ride up leading to a constant need to readjust, pull and tug at clothes. Workout clothes should make

it easier for you to move- you can’t focus on your workout when you need to pull and tug with every



It’s quite likely that you’ve experienced one or more of these issues, as have most women. The truth is

that most workout clothes just aren’t adequate for the rigors of exercise and activity and can lead to

frustration, a lack of confidence and make you unable to focus on your workout. Boss Bunny was

created to solve the problems so many women face and is revolutionizing fashion fitness sportswear.

Fitness clothes should be sturdy, comfortable, and flattering- stop settling for less!