Posted on by Lynn Tran

Written by Katie (Missioncatnip) 

In spite of the endless scientific finding presented, many of us still consider working out more of a chore than a pleasurable hobby. We may slip into a clean t-shirt, a pair of gym shorts leftover from high school, and a 100 year old pair of sneakers before quickly running out of the house and to the gym without giving a spare second to glance at the mirror. It turns out, when it comes to gym success this may be a mistake. You may have heard the expression “Dress for Success” before. Well, this rings true even when it comes sweat-soaked gym sessions. 


Here are five ways that super stylish, properly fitting gym gear can improve your chances of gym success:


When You Look Better You Feel Better

It turns out that the fashion advice usually reserved for netting the job of your dreams, “Dress for success!” is pretty sound advice when hitting the gym as well. Confidence is an important factor in any and everything you do, including the gym. Sexy, properly fitting gym clothes can give you a major confidence boost and lift your mood. It may seem like a small shift, but your mood has quite an effect on the hours you log at the gym. As an added bonus, rewarding yourself with trendy active wear once you hit a certain goal compounds this effect by convincing your mind that the new workout gear is a treat. 


The Psychology of Color

It’s no secret that color affects our emotional state and subconscious thinking patterns. Businesses from gyms to restaurants to airports, capitalize on the endless research to influence your decisions and feelings. Hack your workout by choosing colors that make you feel a certain way. If you’re all about intensity then fiery, passionate red is your friend. Go to the gym to relax? Slip into blue high waist leggings when you hit the cycles for a happy, tranquil vibe. If you need a mood boost before you hit the track, sunshine yellow yoga leggings can give you the joy and exuberant energy you need.


Wear the Right Fit to Prevent Injuries

When it comes right down to it, the ill-fitting and improper gym clothes just aren’t safe. Loose clothes are far more likely to get caught in gym equipment and improper footwear can cause injury, especially if used for an extended period of time. Furthermore, those that enjoy HIIT or lifting weights may find that it’s difficult to ensure that proper form which can result in injury. 


More Focus, Less Adjusting

We’re not quite done with the ill-fitting clothing. The wrong workout clothing can draw focus away from your workout! Too tight or too loose sports bras and t-shirts call us to focus on adjusting and shifting clothing during our exercise routine. To get the most out of your gym routine without spending hours at the gym, focus is key. Not only will the right tank top, convertible sports bra, or tummy control workout leggings stay put and give you the support you need, your boosted confidence will reduce your urge to make sure you “look okay” - you know you look great! 


Many women avoid indulging in new workout clothes either because it’s too expensive altogether or they’ll “Just have to buy new workout clothes” once they hit their weight goal. Gone are the days that sexy, effective workout gear is reserved for your favorite celebrity. Boss Bunny workout gear is your new best friend. Made by women, for women - Boss Bunny addresses everything you never knew you hated about women’s workout clothes. Sportswear that enhances your curves, minimizes the waist, lifts your butt, conceals cellulite, and wicks away moisture to keep you cool and dry - the only thing it won’t do is lift for you. Each piece is designed give you the support and confidence you need to look your best so you can perform your best.