Posted on by Lynn Tran

The mission is Boss Bunny Sportswear is all about helping women find confidence in her own skin to take on the world like a BOSS. We have created a line of products with women’s real needs in mind. We want you to be able to experience world-class fitness fashion sportswear without running into the problems that variety in body type and budget often entail. When you use Boss Bunny Sportswear, you can perform your best, feel great about yourself, and live up to your potential. Our products are designed to make your butt look more shapely and feminine, giving you the maximum lift and minimizing your waistline. With our performance wear, you can finally get the hourglass figure you have always imagined for yourself .

 Quickly becoming a wardrobe staple,  our sportswear can be used to tackle any number of appearance issues. Made from the best materials with the most innovative designs that enhances your curves.

 As a fitness and fashion sportswear company, we create the best and most effective workout clothles so you can find the perfect solution for your individual needs and goals. We’re dedicated to guiding clients towards sexiest, most comfortable options out there. Founder and former bodybuilding athlete Lynn Tran  design every item and we infuse her knowledge and experience into every step of our clients journey.It’s why we’ve crafted a seamless shopping experience that assesses every need, incorporates our clients feedback, and supports our mission of helping women redefine their body image while staying true to who they are. For us, the most gratifying result of a purchase at Boss Bunny Sportswear is when the customer gains the confidence to feel ready for anything. Whether gracing down the grocery aisle, supplementing an aggressive workout routine, or trimming a few inches off after childbirth. we’re here to help! No matter the desire, no matter the challenge, we embrace and strengthen the beauty in every customer,  beauty that’s been there all along.