Change order

We're pretty quick at getting your order out the door so unfortunately, we're unable to make any changes to your order once the order has been placed. This includes; item, address and payment changes.

Canceled order


If you've received an email regarding the order being 'suspected fraudulent', this simply means your payment method has failed some security checks, we can assure you it's nothing personal.

In the event you receive this, please ensure that your billing information matches the card you are using to pay for the order and try placing the order again.

If you're payment is failing with PayPal, please ensure your email matches your PayPal email address and that your billing information is up to date and correct.

Items Unavailable

Your order may be cancelled due to the items you've purchased being unavailable. From time to time, we may oversell on a certain product, it's less than ideal we know but is sometimes unavoidable! In the event that this happens, we'll be in touch with a hopefully suitable solution to keep you satisfied with your Boss Bunny experience.

If you have any problems with order cancellations at

Fulfilled order

Status 'fulfilled' simply means your order has been packed by our warehouse team and it's currently on the way to you.

You will receive a shipping confirmation shortly after detailing your tracking information.

If your order has remained unfulfilled for more than 2 working days, please contact us with your order number and a member of the support team will get right on it.

If you have any problems with order cancellations at