Can I keep the garment bag my order came in?

Unfortunately, no. We need your Rent the Runway garment bag back to power other customers' rentals. If your garment bags are not returned with your Reserve order or before you cancel your membership, you will be charged $50 for each bag. All accessory bags must also be returned to RTR to ensure your items are scanned as returned and avoid a $10 fee.

Clothes can be returned with or without the hangers and plastic dry cleaning bags. If you hung onto them, send them back and we'll recycle them!

When will my order arrive?

Your delivery date will be confirmed before checkout. Check your email for confirmation your order has shipped and to locate your tracking information. Deliveries are made between 8am and 10pm during weekdays. 4 or 8-day Reserve rentals may be delivered on Saturdays. If possible, we recommend shipping same-day deliveries to a residential location since our delivery window is until 10 PM in NYC / 9pm in DC and the delivery window for commercial buildings is 5pm.

How do I use merchandise credit?

Upon checking out, your merchandise credit will be automatically applied to your bag. If you don't use the entire credit, the remainder will be stored in your RTR account for future purchases. Merchandise credits don't expire and can be used toward the purchase of anything on the site.

When will my card be charged?

You're charged at the time you make your reservation or confirm your order for your membership. 

For members, your card on file will be charged monthly on your bill date for your membership fee. You will also be charged for any extra spots you choose to add to your plan. 

Why isn't my promotion code working?