Boss Bunny Sportswear Rentals for Photo Shoots Coming Soon! 

Boss Bunny Rentals makes stylized shoots & events quick and easy. With over 50+ gym outfits in many styles for rental. We’ve got the perfect look for your event or shoot. You can buy brand new or rent as many additional outfits as you would like. Lots of events or shoots planned? Contact us via email and you could save up to 10% 

Boss Bunny Rentals allow you to get your hands on Boss Bunny Sportswear outfits, that may otherwise be financially out of reach. We offer over 50+ gym outfits in stunning selections to you for lifestyle, weekends, events or shoots. Imagine how much more exciting your shoots would be if they were one of a kind outfits. As a Boss Bunny renter you will gain first access to unique fashions and exclusive styles before they reach the public. We know what’s hot and we are constantly adding new activewear styles to our collection ensuring there’s always something you must have!

Boss Bunny Rentals & Fitness outfits delivered right to your door.


  • Fitness photos

  • Fitness class

  • Fitness events

  • Lifestyle

  • Weekends

  • Fashion photos

  • Modelling photos

  • Traveling

Find a look that fits perfectly within your photo shoot vision.  Once you've selected one outfit or a few, place an order, and we'll ship it to your door.


If you are a photographer and your interested in Boss Bunny Rentals  and collaborating with us by having your clients wear our outfits. Please send us an email 

We are open to ideas and we look forward to hearing from you.


You can buy brand new or rent. No membership required for rentals. Reserve styles for upcoming plans and events.

  1. Pick Your Look

Select a delivery date ( we recommend 2 weeks before your event) and decide how long you’d like to keep your item ( we offer 5 day rentals)

  1. Find the Perfect Fit

We recommend adding a backup size to ensure you get a fit that’s just right.We recommend browsing the size chart or photo reviews to see how styles look on other women like you.

  1. Stress Free Returns

When your rental date is up, place your items back in the bag they came in. Then send it back using the prepaid return label we attached to your order. We handle the cleaning.