Do you ship internationally?

At this time we only ship orders within the U.S., including Hawaii and Alaska. We ship internationally to Canada only. Orders must also be returned from within the U.S.

Can I keep or purchase the clothing?

Most items are available to buy or you can purchase items you have at home for an exclusive discount off the retail price. When you purchase an item, it is final sale.

Rental customers can also shop our Online store to purchase Boss Bunny items.

Am I able to wash or dry clean my items?

No need to clean your items on your own! We take care of that for you. We work with a cleaning facility, we have cleaning experts and always do our best to make sure pieces stay in mint condition.

Will the clothes need to be pressed upon arrival?

We do our best to ensure your garments arrive wrinkle-free. Each item is steamed and pressed before being sealed in protective plastic and placed in a  bag. If you receive clothing with slight creases, please try steaming the garment on low heat or contact a stylist for advice.

Why do some items show a varying rental price?

For 5 and 8-day rentals, prices vary based on retail value and availability. We recommend searching by your desired rental date to see the styles ready for you to reserve. 

Am I able to tailor any of the items?

We do not allow any alterations. Feel free to use fashion tape to temporarily tailor your look. Please remember to remove them before sending your rental back.

What if I accidentally stain or damage the clothes?

We understand that some wear and tear may be inevitable. 5 or 8-day rental we include a $5 insurance fee to cover minor stains and damage. However, significant damage, loss of the item, and theft aren't covered under the insurance. If the item is damaged beyond repair or never returned, you will be charged the retail price of the item.

Does Rent the Runway charge tax on rentals and purchases?

If applicable, state and local taxes will be added to the sales or rental price of your order. Boss Bunny is registered to collect tax in all states and the District of Columbia. Boss Bunny determines whether sales, rental or similar taxes are applicable to an order based on tax requirements in the state and/or locality to which the order is shipped. The amount of tax charged on your order will depend on factors including the type of item(s) rented or purchased and the price of the item(s) in an order. If changes are made to your order, including an updated shipping or if the tax rates in the applicable jurisdictions have changed at the time of the change to the order, the tax we charge may also change. No sales tax is charged when purchasing gift cards, but rentals or purchases made through the use of gift cards may be subject to tax.

What is Boss Bunny Rentals?

Welcome to Boss Bunny Rentals! We provide our clients access to a closet full of Boss Bunny clothes at a fraction of retail price. Whether renting for lifetyle, photoshoot, events, weekends, and everything in between, we have the right plan for you. 

The following services are included in every Boss Bunny order: 

  • Access to 50+ of Boss Bunny styles at a fraction of retail price 
  • We clean every garment after each wear in a state-of-the-art cleaning facility 
  • Easy, free shipping and returns
  • Insurance, which covers stains & minor damage


What type of clothing do you carry?